Ohkyoung Noh 노오경

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Socially-Engaged Artist, Educator, Freelance Researcher based in Seoul

M.F.A. candidate, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 2024.
B.F.A. Seoul National University, Major in Painting, Minor in Creativity and Arts Education, 2021.
Kaywon High School of Arts, 2016.

2022 - Czong Institue for Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum, Young Korean Artists 2022 - Solo Exhibition Series, “Making Better Water (배러한 물 만들기)” Inchon, South Korea.
2022 -  Seoul Artist’s Platform_New & Young(SAPY), “A Living Library for a Better Life (배러라이프를 위한 가변 도서관)”, Seoul, South Korea.
2021 -  Seoul Artist’s Platform_New & Young(SAPY), “Better-Life Round Table (배러라이프 라운드 테이블)”, Seoul, South Korea.
2021 - Art Space Grove, “For ‘Better Life’ (배러라이프를 위하여),” Seoul, South Korea.

2021 - Jarbin Blank, “Go-Around Pagoda (탑돌이),” with Hyerin Kim, Seoul, South Korea.
2017 - A-BRICK gallery, “The Nanda's House (난다의 집),” with Jisu Kim, Seoul, South Korea.

2021 - Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Museum, “VILLA D’ART 2021 (빌라다르 2021),” Seoul, South Korea. 2021 - CICA Museum, “Youth 7,” Inchon, South Korea. 2020 - Seoul National University, “Ironic Square (구 부러진 사각형)”, Seoul, South Korea.
2019 - Woosuk gallery, “Giriung-Dap (지리응:답),” Seoul, South Korea. 
2018 - Woosuk gallery, “A×B CROSS PRODUCT,” Seoul, South Korea.
2016 - HOMA Hongik Museum of Art, “Korean Universities Art Competition Prize Exhibition,” Seoul, South Korea
2016 - Amway Gallery, “Object 100,” Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.


2021 - A study on the direction of art museum education in face-to-face and non-face-to-face environments(대면-비대면 통합 환경 속 미술관교육의 확장 방향성 연구),” Assistant Researcher, Commissioned by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), South Korea
2018 - 19 -A study of British educational art galleries that put  ‘art-experience-based publicness’ into practice (예술 경험적 공공성을 실천하는 영국의 교육적 미술관 연구) ,” Co-Researcher, Sponsored by Faculty of Liberal Education in Seoul National University, UK, South Korea.
2017 - “A study on meta-learning that promotes diversity in the art world,”  Student Researcher, Sponsored by Faculty of Liberal Education in Seoul National University, South Korea.

Human, Educational Assistant, Leeum Museum, South Korea.
2020 - Lake full of Stars, Exhibition & Education Intern, MO Museum, Lithuania.
2019 - Slush 2019, Event Assistant Volunteer, Finland.
2019 - SNU Diversity Tea Table Workshop, Co-Intern Head & Project Director, SNU Diversity Council [SDC], South Korea.
2019 - SNU Diversity Diversity World Workshop, Co-Intern Head & Project Director, SNU Diversity Council [SDC], South Korea.
2017,19 - Art & Culture Research Camp, Lead Facilitator, Korea Scholar’s Conference for Youth [KSCY], South Korea.

2021 -
2021 Asia Teaching Artist Exchange Workshop, workshop and discussions organized by Korea Arts & Culture Education Service(KACES) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, Discussion Panel, Online.
2021 - Better-Life Round Table, public program, Moderator, Seoul Artist’s Platform_New & Young(SAPY), South Korea.
2021 - Artist Talk with Ohkyoung Noh: The Artist in a Garden, artist talk organized by the curator Yeji Hong, Visiting Artist, Jarbin Blank, South Korea.
2021 - Building Better-Life Cairns with Our Great Hope, public program, Moderator, Jarbin Blank, South Korea.

2020-21 -
Woori Dream Tree Art Class, 16 series of art online courses sponsored by Woori Bank and Korea Mecenat Association, Teaching Artist, A’dren Education, South Korea
2020 - Saturday Culture School in the Attic: The Present, 12 3H virtual classes and 6 3H hands-on classes commissioned by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC), Lead Teaching Artist, ABC LAB, South Korea

2022 - 
Susan Smucker and Reid Wagstaff Graduate Award, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
2021 - Space Lab: YET(스페이스랩: 아직), Seoul Artists' Platform_New&Young (SAPY), South Korea.
2021 - Young Korean Artists Award, CICA Museum, South Korea.
2021 - Support for Young Artists, The GyeongGi Cultural Foundation (GGCF), South Korea.
2019 - The First Prize, Undergraduate Student Group Research Competition, Faculty of Liberal Education, Seoul National University, South Korea.
2018 - The Value and Practice Undergraduate Group Research Fellowship, Faculty of Liberal Education, Seoul National University, South Korea.
2017 - Student Research Award, Faculty of Liberal Education, Seoul National University, South Korea.
2016 - Fine Art Award, 3rd Korean University Art Competition, Sinwonart, South Korea.
2016 - Megastudy Scholarship, Megastudy Foundation, South Korea.
2012 - The First Prize, 53rd National Student Art Festival, Korean Arts Promotion Association, South Korea.

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Better-Life Association (배러라이프 협회), Founder, 2021.
The Korean Society for the Study of Educational Principles(KSSEP), Joined 2018.

AAP(Active Artistic Participants) Study Group, Founding Member, 2018.
GOOD-2, Founding Member, 2017.