MO Museum, Lithuania: {Lake Full of Stars} Exhibition

MO 미술관, 리투아니아: {별이 가득한 강} 전시 교육 및 교구 디자인

Project Name:

<Lake Full of Stars> Exhibition’s Educational Design Assist

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Project Duration:

01.08 2020 - 31.08 2020

Exhibition Duration:

11.06 2021 - 07.11 2021

Project Details:
Cooperated with Education Team at MO Musuem.
Assisted Educational Ideas and Designs for Kits, Tools, and Furnitures.
Made Drawings pf Plants for Self-Learning Tutorials.

Worked with: MO MUSEUM, Lithuania

Curator – Karen Vanhercke
Architects – „Šilta šiaurė“
Exhibition installed by – Dominykas Šavelis
Coordinator – Iveta Jaugaitė
Textile created by: Justina Gražytė, Eglė Lekevičiūtė, Šarūnė Pečiukonytė (Kaltūnas) and MO Museum volunteers

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